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All the Jacono pipes are stamped:

Please note that the following photos are meant to be only illustrative.
The color within each "smooth" finish is always the same, even if it may vary here from one photo to the other.

Tonino Jacono uses the names of chess pieces to grade his pipe. The main factors that Tonino considers when grading a pipe are: Grain, complexity of design, size; "stain" or color is not an indication of the quality of a pipe or the grade.
However, each of the 10 Jacono grades exists in three sub-grades:
  • Standard:  Here you see the sole grade name, such as "Knight" or "Knight E", with no further stampings. .
  • "The Best 100": Tonino selects the best 100 of all the pipes he makes in one given year, and numbers them from 1 up to 100, regardless of the grade. The only three grades that cannot receive the "The Best 100" subgrade are the "Knight", the "Bishop", and the "Rook".
  • Checkmate: Each of the Jacono 10 grades may be stamped with "Checkmate", which indicates a size larger than usual.
Based on the above, there are a total of 27 Jacono grades AND sub-grades, each is offered for a different price.

Grades: Lowest to highest = Knight to King

Knight (Rusticated)

Knight E (Rusticated)
Bishop (Semi-Rusticated)

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Bishop E (Semi-Rusticated)


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Queen E

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Queen EE

King E

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