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Tonino Jacono, JACONO

Tonino Jacono

Tonino was still a university student when he gave the pipe a try. He wasn't happy with either the pipe or the tobacco, and so he simply gave up. Years later, he happened to marry into a family of briar merchants. He helped with the family business and later started making women's accessories, among other items, out of briar. The initial experience of pipe smoking kicked back into Tonino's life, and so the expected happened: He started making pipes. He was happy with his initial trials, and the encouragement he received from family and friends was the confirmation he needed to know he was finally doing what he was destined to do. Since then, and for the past twenty years, Tonino has continued to produce increasingly better and more unique pipes, thanks to his constant quest for perfection. Having been a dedicated pipe has helped him immensely in understanding not only the mechanical and intrinsic aspects of pipe smoking but also the in developing a highly artistic vision, backed up by a solid practical background.

Tonino has a staggering number of interests and hobbies. He's excelled and gained official recognition in several highly demanding sports, such as cycling, marathons, and mountain climbing. I bet he wasn't smoking his pipe when he ran 250 km across the Sahara!! Furthermore, Tonino is innately an adventurer and a traveler. Whenever he gets the chance, he fixes a new challenging and exciting destination and he adds to the endless list of places he's visited around the world.

In addition, Tonino is married with two daughters, one of whom is studying at an Italian university, and soon the other will follow suit.

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