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Bruto & Rosaria Sordini, DON CARLOS

Rosaria & Bruto Sordini

Bruto was born in the small village of Cagli, where his world-famous Don Carlos pipes are currently being made. He's in his mid-forties, married with three children. He first got into pipe making about 37 years ago. At that time, he was studying law, but slowly and surely he developed a passion for the artistry of making a work of art out of a piece of wood. After having worked for years and years for major pipe making establishments in the area of Pesaro, Bruto decided to get more independent; that was when he started a partnership with two other pipe makers and founded the Ser Jacopo. After a few years, Bruto took off and started the Don Carlos.

Bruto occasionally smokes a pipe, usually filled with a natural Virginia tobacco or the Don Carlos blend made for him by Hans Schürch (see our tobacco section). He has a small personal collection of pipes, mostly unique piece carrying different names.

In his free time, Bruto loves going around on one of his many motorbikes (usually at high speeds). He also loves nature, which is available in abundance where he lives and makes his pipes. In addition, he is very much fond of eagles, and he has his secret place where he often goes with his binoculars to watch his beloved vultures!

Apart from Bruto, Rosaria has her finger prints on every single Don Carlos that has been made so far (metaphorically speaking, of course).

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