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Giorgio & Gabriele Dal Fiume, DG Pipes

Giorgio & Gabriele Dal Fiume

Gabriele was a fortunate child: Not only has his father, Giorgio, been a pipe smoker for decades now, but so has his uncle. He still remembers vividly sitting there, almost two decades ago, and after a special dinner, watching his father and uncle united by their pipe smoking pleasure. Apart from only watching, and considering how fascinated he was by his father and uncle's smoking instruments, he started collecting pipes, of both classic and freehand shapes. He also indulged into reading any pipe-related material he could get hold of. A matter of fact, and over the years to come, Gabriele managed to put together a large collection of reading materials and publications about pipes, pipe making, pipe smoking, tobaccos, etc. He also traveled extensively in Europe, visiting museums and other pipe venues. Naturally, and at that point, he had become a dedicated pipe smoker.

Years ago, Gabriele felt the urge to try and see if he can make a pipe. As he was not in touch with any pipe makers who could act as his mentors, he knew what kind of challenge he was about to face. Against all odds, and thanks to his love for pipes, his extensive reading, and above all, his talent, he managed to make his first pipe, with impressive results; since that day, Gabriele never looked back. He knew then and there that this was something he would continue to do for the rest of his life.

Gabriele makes his pipes in his workshop where he lives in the city of Monteveglio (Bologna), Italy, with the precious help and support of his dad. As he has a full-time job that he enjoys a lot, his annual production has never exceeded the 60 pipes, almost all of which would be snatched by Gabriele's most fortunate friends. Today, Gabriele's love for pipes is evident in the wide range of shapes, finishes, styles, and sizes of pipes he produces. He definitely brings an impressive versatility to the Italian pipe making scene. He's also fortunate (and dedicated) enough to go and hand-pick his briar himself, piece by piece, and he is convinced that the premium prices he pays are more than justified. He uses the best briar that comes from Liguria and Tuscany. To further guarantee the excellent smoking quality of his pipes, Gabriele lets his briar dry out completely in the open air for at least 6 years. To add to these impressive facts, over 90% of DG pipes come in a natural smooth finish, of different stains, most with excellent grain.

Gabriele's quest for the best does not stop at the briar itself. He uses a wide range of mouthpiece materials, mainly acrylic, of a variety of color tones, and cumberland. He also loves to work with other types of wood, such as olivewood and boxwood, to add a shank or a mouthpiece insert or extension. Bamboo is also one of his favorite materials to work with, and he manages to create some first-class pipes with bamboo shanks.

Apart from drilling the pipe and mouthpiece, Gabriele makes his pipes entirely by hand, working with only files, chisels, and sandpaper. This is evident in most of his shapes, shapes that can only be produced by hand due to the extremely elegant and delicate contours and designs.

Being the avid pipe smoker he is, Gabriele has a passion for pipe tobaccos, and over the years, he has developed numerous tobacco blending recipes that he readily shares with his friends. His favorite tobaccos are natural pressed Virginias, with or without Perique. As he would do with pipes and pipe making, Gabriele could easily fill hours sharing his knowledge of tobaccos and tobacco blending.

Gabriele is married and has a little daughter. Who knows if this first generation of pipe makers in the Dal Fiume family will lead to a second in the future!

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