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Baldo Baldi, BALDO BALDI

Baldo Baldi

Baldo was born in 1947, and since his early days he has always been interested in a wide variety of art forms. Once he graduated from the Italian "Artistic High School", he decided to pursue his passion for art further by joining the Faculty of Architecture. While still a a student, he started to smoke a pipe, and not being able to afford the pipes he liked, he decided to make his own! Right from his first pipe, professional tobacconists realized Baldo's talent and started placing orders! His father was a great believer in Baldo's pipes and he helped promote his son's pieces of art. That was the beginning of the career of one of Italy's most renowned and talented pipe makers ever. Later, and a few years after getting his university degree in architecture, Baldo decided to give up his job as an architect and make pipes full time. Even in those early years, making pipes full time meant a maximum annual production of about 200 pipes!

Baldo, being an artist at heart, enjoys many of what he calls "the passions of life". He lives his life making pipes, going to concerts of all kinds, taking care of his beloved camellias and photographing them, cooking, sipping on a vintage wine or champagne, and of course smoking strong tobaccos in his pipes.

Baldo is a confirmed, passionate pipe smoker. He would sometimes make a pipe for himself; at other times, he falls in love with a finished pipe and decides to keep it, while in rare situations he finds a finished pipe not good enough to be sold and so he adds it to his private collection. He now has a collection of about 150 pipes accumulated over a period of 35 years. While most his pipes are Baldi's, there are a few odd brands from his early days as a smoker as well as rare pieces given to him as a gift by his fellow pipe makers.

Baldo smokes his pipe(s) from the time he gets up (yes, even before breakfast) till right before going to bed. He smokes well over an ounce of tobacco a day. His favorite tobaccos are strong Virginia flakes, with and without Perique. These include St. Bruno, Park Lane No. 7, Escudo, Gawith Full Virginia and Flake No. 7. He usually smokes a blend he makes of 50% St. Bruno and 50% Park Lane No. 7.

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