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With some of my babies!
With some of my babies!
On my terrace!
On my terrace!
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Hello. My name's Tarek, which is an Arabic word meaning "striker"! I was born in Cairo, Egypt, in August 1964. I hold both the Egyptian and the Swiss nationalities.

I was educated as a linguist, a language teacher, a teacher trainer and a tester/language examiner. I have a BA in English language and literature as well as several graduate degrees, including an MA in Linguistics from the University of Surrey in the UK. I teach English Switzerland as well as work as an oral examiner for the University of Cambridge. I also teach Arabic as a foreign language. In addition, I sometimes do translation work from-to: English, Arabic and Italian.

I enjoy many of life's endless activities and interests. I have a serious passion for martial arts. I have practiced Karate since 1977, and I've even worked as a martial arts instructor. I'm also into tennis, squash, and used to do running at a competitive level. Besides sports, I've taken a great liking to computing (HTML!), and I very much like classical music. I also work as a marketing and PR consultant for some companies.

I have never been a cigarette smoker. When I decided to smoke, I didn't see myself smoking anything but a pipe (my father used to be a pipe smoker); so, I bought my first pipe in 1992. That turned out to be a great turning point in my life. The passion for pipe smoking grew so incredibly fast that in just a few years professionals recognized me as one of a couple of pipe and tobacco experts in Switzerland and Italy. I currently own a collection of well over 700 pipes, mostly hand made, with some one-of-a-kind pieces.

On the international scene, I have many pipe smoking friends all over the world, and particularly in the USA and the UK. I have also written several articles on Italian pipes, tobaccos, and pipe smoking, that have been published in respected publications, such as Tom Dunn's The Pipe Smoker's Ephemeris and Pipe Friendly. While I write in both English and Italian, a few of my writings have been translated into other languages, such as Danish and Swedish. I'm also the Liaison Officer of the Pipe Club of London for both Switzerland and Italy. I also hold the honorary membership of some prestigious clubs such as the Fenice Pipe Club (Venice, Italy).

My favorite pipe shape is by far the Lovat, followed by Canadians, Liverpools, Lumbermans and Billiards. I smoke only straight pipes, due to a problem with the nose (I can't tolerate direct smoke into the nose). While I smoke all sorts of tobaccos, I certainly prefer 100% pressed Virginia, with and without Perique.

Please, feel free to contact
me in case you have a question and/or a request.

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About my Site

The success of my previous site prompted me to maintain some of the features that made it a success. While the design of this site is similar, you will find new features that adds an edge to this one. The following are some of the characteristics that should render this site worth your while:

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