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It took me more than 11 years to get to this point and to write these words. On December 31, 2011, I had to close down my pipe business, due to lack of sales. During those years, I was blessed enough to be able to make a small contribution to the pipe world, in general, and to the hand made Italian pipe, in particular.
     I decided to close down only the commercial part of the wesbite, and keep the rest running. The reason for this decision is that I believe the website contains some information that can be of help to fellow pipe smokers and collectors, present and future. More importantly, keeping the website online means that I will continue to have an open window on the pipe community and continue to have the possibility to help people and correspond with them regarding pipes and tobaccos.
     May your pipe never run out of tobacco and may your tobacco never run out of fire.

See The Pipes
(PS: Closing down my business doesn't mean I can't help you find that special pipe. Don't hesitate to get in touch.)

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